Revolutionary fermentation method for prebiotics.
Revolutionary three step fermentation of 50+ ingredients makes preB (Prebiotics) a total food for the total body.

What Makes preB's Fermentation Method Revolutionary?

Fermentation occurs naturally in fruit, due to their high sugar content. But it also happens in multitudes of other foods. Archaeological evidence reveals ancient peoples were fermenting a wide variety of grains, beans, vegetables, dairy, and even fish products over 8,000 years ago. Fermentation was known to nearly every pre-history culture. And it is the source of many of our staple foods today.

While you may be most familiar with fermentation in its alcohol-producing versions, it is more often used for preserving everyday food for later usage – like yogurt, cheese, bread, sauerkraut, olives, pickles, chocolate, poi, kimchi, miso, soy, prosciutto, and salami, etc.

The type of fermentation used in beer and wine is called simple or single fermentation and involves a relatively short time (5 days to 2 weeks) of fermentation. Single fermentation is the kind used not only in wine and beer, but also yogurt, bread, olives, and a host of other foods. In single fermentation, depending on the type of enzymes and bacteria used for the fermentation, some of the sugar in the ingredients is converted to alcohol (if they contain enough sugar).

A second, more complex type of fermentation, where two different and complementary types of fermentation occur at the same time in a product, is called multiple parallel fermentation. This is less common, and is used most commonly in more expensive versions of sake. Starches in the foods using this type of fermentation are converted to sugar by enzymes, and at the same time, the sugar is converted to alcohol by yeast.

This complex, parallel fermentation process is quite unique and was designed through intense experimentation, having evolved over hundreds of years. The intricate process of multiple parallel fermentation is now imbued with time-honored traditions. Schooling in its vast complexities and variations takes decades, and is carefully handed down, one generation to the next. The number one key to multiple parallel fermentation? Water.

The Key Role of Pure Water in Fermentation

Over one hundred years ago, Japanese scientists discovered why some sake fermenters, using the same processes and amounts of ingredients, produced much more sake per batch. Why? Because the fermentation continued for a longer time, extracting more from the same ingredients. The main reason? The purity of the water. The more pure the water used in the fermentation, the more sake that was produced. The bonus was that the purest water produced the best flavor. And, even better, the purer the water, the less anti-nutrients that were produced.

The water used by preB (Prebiotics) is the purest on the planet. This, in part, explains why preB's is the slowest, longest fermentation anywhere, and why it produces no known anti-nutrients. Plus, it is full of flavor.

preB's Revolution in Fermentation

Carefully studying the time-honored ways of multiple parallel fermentation, preB (Prebiotics), over the course of many years, perfected a way to ferment the 50+ ingredients using a newly developed, revolutionary three step process. And, instead of the fermentation taking five days to two weeks (the usual length), using exceptionally pure water, preB (Prebiotics) developed a way to keep the fermentation process going continuously for as long as 6 months. This time of fermentation is as unprecedented as it is revolutionary.

This incredible feat, unequaled elsewhere, is a phenomenal step forward in fermentation technology. Never before has a fermentation process successively used three different processes, and continued for such lengths of time.

Why should this revolution matter to you?

Long fermentation adds a large number of additional nutrients that are highly beneficial to your body. This revolution in fermentation matters because it delivers unprecedented nutrition from vital, living foods from 50+ ingredients. This preB (Prebiotics) fermentation revolution matters because it enables you to eat a single food and receive all the incredible nutrition, and creates an environment within your body, for vibrant health.

preB (Prebiotics) is total food for your total body. Only the revolutionary three step fermentation of 50+ ingredients makes that possible. There is not another product like it anywhere.

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