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Clinical Study Results

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Takanawa Clinic

A group of Japanese doctors has conducted periodic blood tests in 100 individuals to investigate the antioxidant activity of preB on human bodies. Antioxidant activities are actions that remove active oxygen which is said to be a cause of life-style related diseases and aging. Scientific analysis have confirmed that it has a high level of antioxidant activity, and we have been investigating to what degree it exerts the antioxidant activity on human bodies.

Hospital Director Dr.Kageyama

Dr.Kageyama is a doctor who does not rely on western medicine alone, but performs diagnoses and treatments while recognizing all kinds of factors including physical constitution, temperament, environment, lifestyle, eating habit,etc.

The graph of the rate of increase in antioxidant power shows that the largest number of persons belongs to the increase rate of 30%

Antioxidant power shifted to the right, showing distinct increases in the value.

Clinical Trial Resultsfor Antioxidant Activities

The fluctuation in the antioxidant power reflects the increase and decrease in the comprehensive immune power of living bodies. In this clinical trial, the average increase rate for antioxidant power is as high as 38%, showing that this supplement has an significant antioxidant effect.
The results also showed that this supplement comprehensively leads to immune activation. It was suggested that particularly when there were disorder of lifestyle and increase inoxidative stress during the clinical trial period, antioxidant power may have increased by secure exertion of the effect of this supplement.

Doctor responsible for clinical trial results:
Yasunari Kageyama