Your Assurance of preB's Commitment to Environmental Purity:

preB Health

  • preB (Prebiotics) is Committed to Organic, natural, and wild-crafted growth
  • preB (Prebiotics) is Committed to Environmentally Sustainable Operations
  • preB (Prebiotics) is Committed to Compliance with Fair Trade standards

Companies like Brazil Products Company, producer of preB (Prebiotics), firmly on the path to certification for Organic, Sustainable, and Fair Trade operations, use Garden Pure as an interim method to demonstrate their commitment to these important local, and international standards.

Garden Pure is the Certification Seal of Garden Pure, an independent organization that has reviewed the growing conditions, operations with environmental impacts, and fair trade practices of organizations producing natural food products.

Garden Pure certifies that Brazil Products Company, producer of preB (Prebiotics), has achieved its highest level of commitment to environmental purity  Levels 1, 2, and 3 simultaneously. This means:

Level 1: Organic, natural, and wild-crafted growth
preB (Prebiotics) is produced on land that has never used pesticides, herbicides, or artificial fertilizer. All plants used in the production of preB (Prebiotics) are grown under environmentally accepted practices. it is in the process of organic certified.

Level 2: Environmentally Sustainable Operations
preB (Prebiotics) uses policies and practices that are environmentally sensitive, is continually reviewing its impact on the environment from the production of its product, to its shipment, to its international distribution. It has undertaken to certify its sustainable operation (Level 2), plus its Organic practices (Level 1).

Level 3: Compliance with Fair Trade standards
preB (Prebiotics) is produced under conditions of its workers that meet, and exceed international standards of Fair Trade. Brazil Products is reviewing its widely dispersed activities for certification of its Fair Trade activities.

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Garden Pure has independently certified that preB (Prebiotics) has met all of the standards for Garden Pure Level 3 Certification, its highest level Certification. Level 3 is Garden Pure's assurance that preB (Prebiotics) is simultaneously committed to Organic, Sustainable, and Fair Trade operations.

Garden Pure congratulates its producer, Brazil Products Company, for its environmental actions and labor sensitivity.