Organic/Level 1 Certification

The Need for Organic Food Production
Since World War II more than 75,000 new chemicals have been created. For all their applications and values in business and daily lives, less than 200 have been studied for their effect on the human body. Less than 200. Half of those studies were only done after years of exposure caused severe harm to babies, fetuses, women, and adults. Even fewer have been studied for their effect on animals and wildlife.

Compounding the dearth of information is the total lack of studies on how these chemicals react in conjunction with each other. While individual chemicals may have negligible effect on the body, their interaction with other chemicals may cause powerful and lasting harm. garden pure organic lettuce

So, without specific knowledge of direct short-term harm, many of these chemicals are sprayed on our farms, to kill insects, to destroy unwanted weeds, and to increase plant production.

Further confounding the situation is the rapid advancement and proliferation of genetically modified organisms (GMO). These are generally (although not exclusively) plants that have had their genetic code manipulated in a laboratory to induce certain characteristics (insect resistance, better production, drought resistance, etc.). While these plants may produce greater abundance of food, it is anybody’s guess what they are really doing in the body. No one studies them from this angle because, frankly, no one wants to know. What is known is that once introduced, bees, butterflies, and a host of productive insects die when put in contact with these GMO foods. Many parts of the world ban GMO, yet every year more tonnage of produce is delivered to our tables from GMO plants.

Animals we eat are not immune from this pell-mell rush to increase farm production. Over half of the antibiotics produced in the US are fed to animals we eat. Why? Ostensibly, the reason is fatter cows, pigs and chickens. With antibiotics a significant part of animal feed, producers can bring fatter animals to market sooner, reducing the amount of feed needed to get them ready to market – saving money.

But, just in case these animals don’t grow fast enough, they are fed growth hormones. These are the same substances that are illegal to give to humans. Then, because they are cooped-up in small feeder pens, these animals get nervous, apprehensive – classic signs of stress. So, they are given stress-relieving anti-depressants.

Then, when GMO feed is added to an animals diet, these modified meats, milk, and eggs, laden with antibiotics and other chemicals are ingested by us. What is the effect on the body? No one knows. No one asks. What little is known is that it is rapidly increasing the antibiotic resistance of bacteria that infect humans, and we are running out of solutions as to how to treat the infections once they inevitably arise.

Chemical analysis shows these antibiotics, growth hormones, and anti-depressants are passed-on to humans who eat the flesh of these animals.

We get a double whammy out of all this GMO, antibiotic-fed, growth-hormone dosed, anti-depressed, chemically treated feed given to animals. When these animals are killed so you can eat them, their non-commercial organs, brains, and bones are ground up and fed to the next generation of animals. (Heard of mad cow disease?) This recycles and further concentrates whatever questionable ingredients were in the animals in the first place (and second place, and third place, etc.).     

Then, at the end of the day, all these chemicals subsist. Nearly all are persistent in the environment and refuse to breakdown. The environment has neither method nor micro-organisms to return them to nature. So they get washed downstream, concentrate in the estuaries of rivers, then move around the planet with the ocean currents, infecting every species of fish – including those we love to eat.

garden pure organic field These chemicals hang around, and build up, get eaten again, recycled, and get eaten again. They enter our blood, our cells, our organs and brains. Our bodies, untrained by nature to know what to do with them, allows these chemicals to linger and build-up in our fat cells (breast tissue is especially susceptible), our bodies, and brains. And while many chemicals may have been benign in small quantities, in larger, built-up doses they may be killers (anyone remember Love Canal, or Erin Brockovich?).

Then, there is the rapidly emerging science of epi-genomics. Breathtaking studies reveal that chemical exposures in one generation can have detrimental, even cancerous or diabetic effects to the grandkids of those exposed. What you are eating can give your grandkids cancer. Truly breathtaking.

But, then, who knows? Until a lot of people die quickly with undisputed evidence of a chemical culprit, no one is looking at what all this is doing to our bodies, to our environment. Nor to generations yet unborn.

Yet, you are not powerless to allow this to happen to you. You can eat organic food.

Organically grown foods reject the use of manufactured chemicals. They most assuredly reject the use of GMO plants. And antibiotic fed, growth-hormoned, anti-depressed animals are off the table. So is feeding dead animal parts to live animals before they too are killed, and fed to the next animal in line.   
No wonder the sale of organic foods is escalating 12-18 percent a year. And there is no slowing of the healthy trend in sight.

preB (Prebiotics) is committed to organic growth of all the ingredients in preB (Prebiotics). It uses traditional Japanese organic growing techniques. While it is in the process of gaining organic certification of all its operations, and for that of its myriad suppliers, it has Garden Pure Level 1 Organic Certification.

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