The Critical Role of Friendly Intestinal Bacteria.
You need a prebiotic to feed all that friendly bacteria or gut flora.

The Key to Your Health
is in Your Intestines.

How preB (Prebiotics) Works.

Your intestinal tract, your gut, is where preB (Prebiotics) works its strong magic. But this is no sleight-of-hand magic. This is magic that truly transforms your body. Having done that, it has the power to transform your life.

To help you understand why preB (Prebiotics) is such a transformative force, you need to understand how your gut works. It is a fascinating place, in deed.

Your body ferments food in your gut so you can extract the food value in it. You ferment food every day, although you may not have thought about it that way. In fact, fermenting your food is one of the primary ways you get fed.

The Importance of Enzymes

Fermentation inside your gut involves two major players. The first are enzymes. Your body produces some of the enzymes you need to break-down and digest food. But if you are not eating well, and haven't for a considerable time, your body finds it difficult to manufacture all the enzymes you need for proper digestion. And food that is cooked, or manufactured, or processed has little, if any of its original enzymes left. So, lacking enzymes, you get incomplete digestion (probably lots of gas), and miss out on many of the nutrients your body needs.

The Critical Role of Friendly Intestinal Bacteria Probiotics

The second fermentation agent is beneficial bacteria. Your gut has close to a thousand different types of bacteria growing in it. Plus there are ten times more bacteria in your gut than you have total cells in your body. So, what are they all doing down there?

There are two fundamental types of intestinal bacteria (usually called intestinal flora), friendly ones (probiotics), and unfriendly ones (pathogenic bacteria). Most of the time these two flora are in a balance that favors you being healthy. Plus, the crucial probiotic good bacteria help to feed and nourish your body's immune system. Probiotics extract important nutrients from the foods you eat that would never otherwise be extracted. Probiotics even manufacture crucial nutrients within your gut you can't live without. Your life requires probiotics.

How Do You Correct an Unhealthy Situation?

But, when you eat wrong, especially consistently wrong over long periods, the number of intestinal bad-guy, pathogenic bacteria start to outnumber, and overwhelm the good-guy probiotics. This leads first to you feeling lethargic; then to being overweight and constantly hungry; then to sickness; and on to a host of different diseases. So what can you do to keep these from happening? Or correct them if it has already happened?

You have two essential choices. You can either (1) eat more foods full of active enzymes every day, or (2) swallow a lot more friendly bacteria. That's it? Well, there is a third option preB (Prebiotics).

You Get Total Nutrition for Your Total Body with preB (Prebiotics)

Working deep within your gut, preB (Prebiotics) does two major tasks. First, preB (Prebiotics) is a powerful food that feeds probiotics exactly what they prefer to eat. Thus, the probiotic bacteria explode in numbers, and quickly reduce the number of pathogens. As a result, your body's immune system keeps you much healthier.

Second, because your probiotics can now do their job without interference, you have more energy, you lose weight, your health improves, and your risks for serious diseases drops dramatically. In fact, preB (Prebiotics) gets its name from being a prebiotic meaning it is a preferred food for probiotics.

Your body wins again with the active enzymes of preB (Prebiotics): First, because it is full of active enzymes, helping you digest the wide range of food you are eating. Second, because the enzymes in preB (Prebiotics) already pre-digested the nutrients of its own ingredients, making them instantly available once you eat it.

Macrobiotcs, Intestines, and preB (Prebiotics)

Classic macrobiotics, as championed in Macrobiotic Diet, is very much concerned with maintaining the right balance between probiotics and pathogenic bacteria in your intestines. preB (Prebiotics) was specifically formulated with this result in mind. Every one of the 50+ ingredients was selected according to macrobiotic principles to achieve this end which is why so many different ingredients are required to make preB (Prebiotics).

When your body has the correct balance of these two types of bacteria, your body becomes very efficient at eliminating toxins, waste, and anti-nutrients. And simultaneously becomes very good at absorbing and creating nutrients crucially essential for a healthy life a macrobiotic life.

The key to your health really is in your intestines. It is where preB (Prebiotics) works its strong magic to transform your body. Having done that, it has the power to transform your life.

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