Ingredients availability in a prebiotic.
preB (Prebiotics) is a whole food that consists of organic acids.

Nutrients Made Quickly Bio-Available by Revolutionary Fermentation.

Digestion inside your body is a process of breaking down foods into nutrient subparts. This natural process uses enzymes and bacteria inside your body. Further digestion then breaks those parts down even further, using a succession of different enzymes and bacteria. That way your body can either use the nutrients within your food directly, or converts them to forms your body is able to use.

For example, this is the (simplified) digestive process when you eat protein:

  • You ingest a food with protein in it
  • Your digestive system breaks the proteins down into amino acids
  • Further digestion breaks amino acids down into several types of organic acids
  • Your body absorbs organic acids at the cellular level

Now, consider what happens to proteins with preB (Prebiotics). When you ingest preB (Prebiotics), all the proteins from inside the multiple ingredients have already been broken down into amino acids. This was done by preB's enzymes and bacteria during fermentation. But the process didn't stop there. The amino acids, in turn, were further broken down into organic acids “ and it is organic acids your body needs and consumes “ not amino acids or protein.

The result of the long, Three Step Fermentation preB (Prebiotics) process renders the protein essentially pre-digested. This is exactly what your body would have to do with them. But, since the digestion work is already completed, your body gains instant access to the organic acids “ they are immediately bio-available, feeding your body what it needs, when it needs it.

The result is similar for starches and carbohydrates. preB (Prebiotics) revolutionary Three Step Fermentation method converts the ingredient's sugars into the several forms of digested sugars that feed your body's cells directly. Your body doesn't have to do the digestive conversion for you. Thus, you get instant, pure usable energy.

This same powerful process of complete breakdown of nutrients into the form your body requires happens to multitudes of nutrients. You body is quickly, fully nourished by preB's 50+ whole food ingredients and the tens of thousands of nutrients they contain.

While fermentation and the action of enzymes is how your body normally digest food, with preB (Prebiotics), your body doesn't need to. preB (Prebiotics) has already been predigested for you. All you have to do is eat it, and await the healthful results.

You get unprecedented nutrition with preB (Prebiotics) “ because the water is pure; because the Pantanal land the plants grow on is rich and untouched by artificial chemicals and man-made fertilizers; because of the unique growing conditions of the Pantanal; because of the exceptional 50+ ingredients; and because it all comes together with a revolutionary fermentation process that preserves nutrients, and adds new ones; and because the ingredients are pre-digested for instant use by your body.

Starting with the right ingredients, when you use the right kinds of enzymes and bacteria, in the correct sequence, with ultra-pure water, for just the right amount of time, with instant access to its nutrients, you get a great food product “ preB (Prebiotics). Total food. For your total body.

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