Facenda Anew Ranch and its Guarani Aquifer.
Natural artesian wells bring this incredible water to the surface at the Ranch.

The World's Largest Water Purifier.

The Source of the Magic of preB (Prebiotics).

In the heart of the Pantanal, the world's largest wetland (not unlike central Florida 100 years ago, in an area 10 times the size of the Everglades) lies the Facenda Anew Ranch. It is 16,800 pristine acres dedicated to Nature and the production of preB (Prebiotics).

Every year during the rainy season the Pantanal floods over 3 meters deep (10 feet). As a result, the Pantanal becomes the world's largest water purifier. Channeling the rainfall into slow, intertwining creeks, streams, and meandering rivers, the lush vegetation cleanses the water as it filters down slowly into deep aquifers.

The World's Purest Water is in preB (Prebiotics)

Several natural springs flow with abundance at the Facenda Anew Ranch. They flow continuously from a deep aquifer 2,000 meters (6500 ft.) deep. Tests reveal this underground water is hundreds of years old. Perhaps much older.

This pure water comes from an isolated region of the Guarani Aquifer, the largest body of fresh groundwater in the world. Because of its unique geology, the infiltration of new water into the aquifer is very slow, being highly filtered by the thousands of feet of solid rock above it – the worldʼs largest natural water purifier. Taking hundreds of years, only the purest of water can move through the rock to recharge the aquifer below. An impermeable rock layer below the aquifer keeps this ultra-pure water from draining away. (See the graphic to the right.)

This is the reason the water in the aquifer has been there for a very long time. And why it is so pure. Five natural artesian wells bring this incredible water to the surface at the Ranch.

Sitting as it does far below the world's largest natural water purifier, and due to its pre-human settlement, and pre-pollution origins, this is exceptionally pure water. It contains uncommonly low levels of minerals, measuring in small fractions of parts per million. As such, the preB (Prebiotics) water is exceptionally soft, much softer than just about any known natural source of water. In fact, it is so soft that tests show it will readily dissolve fats, even lard.

This exceptional ability to dissolve fats is more than just a curiosity. It makes this water especially good at dissolving the natural fatty acids (like omega-3's) found in all plants. It also retains the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and E – Nature's powerful anti-oxidants, usually destroyed in other food production. Thus, the rich assortment of omega-3's and anti-oxidants in preB (Prebiotics) are instantly, and completely bio-available to your body.

Being slightly acidic, the water also naturally prevents harmful bacteria, molds, and micro-organisms from growing in it. This slight acidity is also why this water is very good at dissolving the nutrients in all of preB's ingredients.

This is the world's purest water, performing at its natural best. preB (Prebiotics) delivers revolutionary nutrition in major part because of its amazingly pure water.

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