The Most Pure Water for a Healthful Body.
This exceptionally pure water in preB (Prebiotics) readily absorbs the ample nutrients, natural fats (like omega-3's), and anti-oxidants in all of the source ingredients.

Why Pure Water Matters a Lot for
Your Body.

Your body receives three distinct advantages from preB's ultra-pure water. Having been cleaned by Nature's largest water purifier, the Pantanal, and being very old, pre-human water, it has unique advantages for you:

First: Water full of microbial and man-made chemical contaminants, when used to water growing plants, cannot create healthful products. And, as you know, water laden with pollutants cannot completely clean fresh fruits and vegetables and herbs when preparing them to be eaten.

You are assured of an exceptionally pure final product, because preB (Prebiotics) uses only this exceptionally pure water from its deep springs to water the growing preB (Prebiotics) plant ingredients. This water enables the absorption and transport into the plants the full richness of the exceptionally fertile soil of the Pantanal. Whether growing, washing, preparing, or during fermentation, preB's pure water makes a significant difference in delivering real nutrition to your body.

Purity produces the nutritional results you want for your body, with none of the uncertain effects that man-made pollutants can create deep within your body.

Second: Minerals and other impurities in water change the nature of the fermentation process. While naturally occurring in varying amounts in most water, impurities slow fermentation, and cause unhelpful anti-nutritive by-products to be created. They also change the taste of the final product. That is why traditional producers of fine fermented foods have always sought-out the purest spring water to create them. Only preB has the planet's purest water.

With preB you get the full value of all of the plant nutrients, and no anti-nutrients, from the 50+ foods. Plus, you receive the benefits of the additional nutrients only preB's revolutionary fermentation creates.

Best of all, because it uses the exceptionally pure water from its deep, Pantanal fed springs of very old water, you taste only the exotic mix of fruits and nuts and seeds, every vegetable, all the whole grains, and the rich assortment of succulent herbs in preB.

Third: Because preB's water is exceptionally low in dissolved materials, it is very aggressive dissolving nutrients (remember, regular water is known as the "universal solvent" (preB's water is much better at dissolving nutrients). Why is this important to you? Because the exceptionally pure water in preB readily absorbs the ample nutrients, natural fats (like omega-3's), and anti-oxidants in all of the source ingredients. This, in turn, makes those nutrients easily, quickly absorbable by your body once you ingest them. No other food can do that.

Pure water equals pure nutrition for your body. That's why having the world's purest water matters. It matters a lot because those nutrients are readily, quickly absorbed by your body your body needs vital, living foods to nourish it daily. Only preB has the purest water water that delivers to you total food for your total body.

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