Fermentation makes foods more nutritious, as well as delicious!
Complex 3-step fermentation for the prebiotic like preB (Prebiotics) uses the purest water source like Pantanal, Brazil.

preB's Revolutionary 3-Step Fermentation.

The fermentation process begins when all of the 50+ ingredients have been carefully prepared and washed with preB's ultra-pure water. Washing with this water not only removes foreign matter, it doesn't add microscopic minerals that would slow and change the fermentation process, and otherwise add anti-nutrients.

While the entire preB (Prebiotics) fermentation process is a trade secret, the broad outline of the successive Three Step Fermentation process is:

Step 1: The 50+ ingredients are placed into a large tank, which also contains the ultra-pure water. This water ensures the nutrients inside the ingredients are fully absorbed for the fermentation to be complete.

Then, yeast is added to the mix. Yeast breaks down some of the sugars into alcohol while breaking down other ingredients. This first step is slow, with the fermentation continuing for 30 days or more. If the ultra-pure water had not been used, all fermentation would have ceased in about two weeks.

Step 2: Acetic acid (much like vinegar) is now added to the mix. This starts an entirely different fermentation process. Key to this fermentation is the conversion of alcohol from Step 1 into acetic acid. Once again, because of the purity of the water added in the first Step, and the extraction of additional nutrients it provides, plus the addition of new nutrients created in Step 1, this second Step takes an additional 30-45 days to complete. This length of time fermenting is unprecedented even if considered alone.

Step 3: Lactic acid is now added to the mix, starting a totally different fermentation process than the first two. This is a crucial and revolutionary step by itself. Never before has a food undergone this type of 3rd level (tertiary) fermentation. The lactic acid pre-digests the remaining fiber, consumes the remaining yeast of Step 1, converts all the remaining alcohol of Step 2 to special sugars quickly absorbable by your body, and slowly lowers the overall pH (increasing the acidity of the mix). Step 3 takes 3-4 months or longer.

This final step makes preB (Prebiotics) very resistant to contamination by micro-organisms, and also very resistant to spoilage, even when not refrigerated. More importantly, it pre-digests the remaining nutrients not pre-digested in earlier steps. Thus, your body has instant access to all the nutrients of preB (Prebiotics).

That is just the first part of the full preB (Prebiotics) story. The second part is how all this careful, revolutionary preparation of preB (Prebiotics) works inside your body. Positively affecting your body is the reason preB (Prebiotics) was created.

Your body is fed the widest range of nutrients from a single product with preB (Prebiotics). And, once you ingest it, your body gains instant access to those nutrients because of the long, slow, revolutionary 90 day, Three Step Fermentation method.

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